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Pragmatic Laziness Week 9 (#GetHawt week 007)

February 27, 2012

This post is for GetHawt Week #007.  This week we’re talking about obstacles. Quick list: the love of junk food, passion for carbohydrates, laziness about exercising, aversion to cardio, tendancy to stay still, and anything under the sun that serves as an excuse – like this week’s trip to Seattle.

BUT. I’ve decided that this week is actually the perfect time to kick it up a little bit. After all, I’m on a business trip, so I’ll be in a hotel with a gym. No kids, no chores, no nothing to get in the way of a daily workout. And food? Let’s stop kidding ourselves…it’s really not that hard to eat healthy while out. As long as you can avoid the Cinnabon at the airport, it’s probably EASIER to eat well away from home. At home, I have an entire two rooms dedicated to food and the storing, preparing, and eating of it. Out and about, food is an event. Should be way easier to just pick the healthiest things on the menu.

Here’s what I did this week (including 200 Situps program and 100 pushups program – I’m redoing week 3, since I didn’t actually do it last week):

DAY Walking/Other Crunches Pushups (knee/”girly” pushups)
Tuesday 111 48
Thursday 119 50
Saturday Gardening!
Sunday Gardening!



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