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Root Beer Taste Test #3

February 27, 2012

I never finished blogging our second RB taste test, but the first one was pretty comprehensive. Now it’s time for round 3!

#4: Maine Root – More root-beerier aftertaste than Kemper. Kinda mild, low vanilla. Very respectible but no WOW factor. It’s 4th place here, but it would win over most other root beers we’ve tasted.

#3: Thomas Kemper – Doesn’t suck, mild, not much vanilla. I thought it was light but not weak, with good carbonation. We agreed that this is still a really good root beer…just because it took 3rd place here doesn’t mean it’s not an all time frontrunner.

#2: Boylan’s – “Tastes like cotton candy smells.”  I thougt it tasted like root beer barrels. It’s the first RB we’ve had a in quite a while with definite personality. Very nearly ties for #1.

#1: Gale’s Root Beer – “Hits strong and goes away.” (When Sean drank this, his eyes lit up with shock, and then he passed it to me quickly. He wanted me to taste it quickly so he could start telling me his impressions).
I thought it tasted “like a cinnamon roll in a bottle.” It’s an absolutely charming root beer, and our favorite.

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