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Muse: done.

April 10, 2012

It’s been a quiet few weeks for me, blogwise. I’ve been busy: a trip to London with the entire family, a conference, two major projects, gardening, plus the standard work and family and all that jazz.  But for now, I talk about the thing I completed today…my muse.

A “muse”, from Four Hour Work Week, is concept of an automated source of income…something you can loose upon the world to make money for you. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, because that doesn’t really happen.  You’ll get the idea as you read along, but really, go get the book by Tim Ferriss.

I read the book, I thought about various muses, and settled on the idea of a multi-hour audio seminar on becoming a DBA (that’s what I do for a living)…Sean and I have asstons to say about studying and interviewing and all that ‘soft topic’ jazz you’d get from a good mentor, if you could get one.  So, we made time and recorded it. That was really the easy part; sure enough, we have a lot to say, and we’ve already got the setup and experience for audio recordings.

Since then I’ve been devoting what free time I could on testing and research (as described in the book), sound editing (levels, background noise, removing some “um”s and coughs, adding intro and outro music), website and ecommerce setup. It’s been a long piece of work, and I happily deployed and announced everything this weekend.

Aaaaand then I found something major withour ecommerce carrier, and had to redo the whole thing on a different provider this evening.  I tell ya, there’s nothing like getting a big project done, getting that feeling of satisfaction from a completed chore, and then having to immediately redo a big chunk of it.

BUT. It’s done, and it’s lovely, and we’ve had a sale today, despite the problems. I fully expect we’ll be millionaires by Thursday. 🙂

Big thanks to Allan Hirt for the music, Justin Dearing for technical assistance, and Nic Cain and all the rest of the Groupies for their unwavering support.

Oh, and if you know someone who’s thinking of getting into SQL Server, send them to, eh?

Kermit flails,

P.S. I made a thing! MAKE ALL THE THINGS!

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