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Warrior Dash: A month long live blog

May 2, 2012

Yesterday at work I was saying (again) how I need to schedule a 5k, to get me motivated to work out again.  Last night, I got the reminder that the Oklahoma Warrior Dash is in 1 month.

I’m in.

Day 1 – Decision Day (5/1): Today I decided, discussed with the family, and planned my workouts for the month.  My daughter Lisette wants to go with me on this adventure, so we’ll be exercising together most of the time.

Day 2 – First run (5/2): It’s a work from home day, and I’m ready to go out on my first run in quite a while. And when I say “run” I mean “mostly walking for 30 minutes, with the occasional burst of light jogging”. I’ve never been a runner.  Okay, I’m off. [12:15pm]

[1:35pm] Whoo, 40 minutes (of mostly walking), a shower, and some FOOD later, I’m a-feeling GOOD. I can see why people do this “exercise” thing…

[1:45pm] WHOA, hello sugar cravings!  Here, have an apple and a bit of chocolate.

[8:30pm] Lisette and I go out for a power walk, and some leaping and mild climbing. We reach home 40 minutes later, worn out.

Day 3 – First workout (5/3): I’m in the office today. I woke up, well, not starving, but needing deeply to eat (you ken the difference?)  Breakfast was eggs and oatmeal and bacon and coffee.  I plan on doing a workout tonight with Lisette and Sean. Maybe we’ll start with arms.

[10:55am] 12 minute mild walk on a treadmill. I figure I should walk some daily, and maybe it’ll help work out the soreness too.

Day 4 – Ow (5/4): Today is Friday. Last night we did and upper body workout. 3 sets of 3 exercises.

Today I woke up at 6 am, and went out for a short run. 25 minutes. My shins hurt my shins hurt, I’m afraid I may be developing shin splints…

Day 5 – Obstacle practice run (5/5): Saturday. We got up, ate breakfast, lazed, and then went to our local playground – a big thing with several wooden “building” playsets. We call it the Castle Park.  I warmed up a bit, and then started a short Warrior Dash / Ninja Warrior run around and through the playground. I balanced, climbed, crawled, jumped, and ran. It only took 5-10 minutes, but I was utterly worn out by the end, and did little else all day.

This was also the day where I had to make a major nutrition adjustment. After the Ninja run, and all day, I was completely depleted of energy. My FINGERS were tired! I could hardly stir. Finally Sean suggested that I up my protein. (No stupid jokes, please.)  After a protein shake (again, no jokes) I started feeling a LOT better. Okay, note to self: pay more attention to protein.

Day 6 – Back in the game (5/6): Sunday! I’m up early for no reason (woke at 6:30), and it feels like a good time to go for another jog, right after this blog and protein drink…

Day 18 – I suck at live blogging (5/18): Fair is fair, I have been dealing with work issues for the last two weeks. Today is my last day in the office. So I call in “quitting” for this blog.  Anyway, I took 4-5 days off from working out last week, partly because of the conference that was in town, and partly to let me legs heal (they’d been getting excessively sore).  This week I’ve been quite good about walking and running, and I’m finding my endurance slowly, oh so slowly, increasing. I’ve also started back on the Four Hour Body “slow carb” diet, this time including supplements. We’ll see how it goes.  Just two more weeks until the Warrior Dash. I’m likely to be walking most of it!


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