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Four Hour Body slow carb, 2012 version

May 18, 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m not a doctor, dietician, or anything official. This is just a journal…it is NOT an advice column! If you’re interested in supplements, read “The Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss, and talk to your doctor.

Earlier this week Sean bought me some diet supplements from GNC. I didn’t like the look of them, but it got me thinking again about the slow carb supplements that I *didn’t* take last time I tried the diet. Long and short, I read up, bought a bunch of bottles from Whole Foods (and a pill organizer from Walgreens), and got organized.

I’ve been on the following regimen since Wednesday:

  • Polycosinol 23 mg  (23 mg total daily)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 100mg  (400mg total daily)
  • Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) 300 mg (1200 mg daily)
  • “Now” EGCg Green Tea Extract – 400 mg / 200mg EGCg (only 4mg natural caffiene)   (1200 / 600 mg daily)

I felt weird at first, but it was impossible to tell if that was from the supplements, the diet changes, the drop in caffiene, or any of a number of other changes at the time. I’m feeling much better / more normal today, so it’s all good.

I’ll take this regimen 6 days a week for 4-6 weeks, and then take a week off and evaluate where I am then.  Interesting effect: Taking a set of pills 4x/day is helping me focus on what and how I’m eating. It’s possible that the supplements will have the added benefit of being a diet reminder.

Reminders to self:

  • Basics: No white carbs (and no oats or yams), 20g protein per meal, 1 meal (30g protein) within 30m of waking, eat repetitive meals, and take a day off.
  • Drink lots of water, especially on Food Christmas
  • Record body fat as well as weight.
  • Make it conscious (log everything?), make it a game, make changes small and temporary

Favorite meals so far:

  • eggs and bacon (beans too, sometimes)
  • tomato soup with beans and beef
  • chicken/beef fajitas without dairy or tortillas; extra guac
  • beef/chicken/meatloaf & veg
  • meatballs in sauce
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