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Day 2 – No soda

June 13, 2012

As I said in a comment, this whole “no soda” thing came about because of YET ANOTHER ARTICLE saying “SODA BAAAAD!”.  Before you get all nitpicky on me, yes, I’m sure this article has some inaccuracies and overblows some of the dangers. Regarless, the overall message – the 10 minutes it takes to read it is really all the time I care to invest in research on this topic – says SODA BAD, and I’ve heard that other places.

I also have two proofs that SODA BAAAD, and one theory. (Note: When I say “soda” I invariably mean diet sodas, usually with aspartame.)

The proofs:

  • When I drink soda, I drink way less water. I’ve tried altering my behavior, but it’s just too damn easy to grab a can of Diet DP.
  • Soda makes me crave sweets and bready things. I’ve tested this; I don’t drink soda, I kinda want sweets. I drink soda, I FUCKING HAVE TO HAVE SWEETS GODDAMN NOW.  I notice, too, that I drink soda way more when I’m feeling weekendy – game nights, Friday nights, Saturdays at home. And if I do, it’s way easier to rationalize snacking more. “It’s Friday, what’s a giant-ass tub of popcorn going to matter? It’s popcorn, after all!” Followed by another couple of snacks, nuts, peanut butter, ice cream, etc etc…

Now, the theory: I suspect soda is hampering my weight-loss efforts. I’ve heard it can do that. I’m having a REALLY FUCKING HARD TIME losing weight – officially, over five weeks I’ve lost 5 pounds, but “lost” is really inaccurate. I’ve vacillated up and down over the same 5 or so pounds in that time. With all the running and dieting I’ve been doing, I should have a much better loss rate.  If those goddamn aluminum demons are keeping the fat on my ass, then to hell with them.

Now to answer Zippy’s question: Yes, I suspect sodas with whole and organic ingredients aren’t as bad as the “normal” ones that are chock-full of chemicals. I can’t say for sure, of course. And with any organic/natural soda, you’re drinking calories, which is never good.

I think I’ll save the artisan and homemade sodas for Food Christmas, and leave it at that.


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  1. June 13, 2012 3:22 pm

    Hi Jen, I’ve been watching your progress and I know how it feels: I’m still struggling to get rid of post-baby fat, even though my son is nearly 7. I don’t know if it helps, but I was doing lots of cardio stuff that wasn’t really doing anything for me.

    I did swimming and yoga and all kinds of classes. Nothing worked. Nada. The only thing that seems to be working for me is (and don’t laugh!) – weightlifting, which I *think* might be called cross-training in the US. I’ve hired a personal trainer for a few months, and he basically kicks my ass for an hour a week, and then I make sure and go to the gym at least every second day to follow up. I run for five minutes on the cross-trainer, lift for 55 minutes, and then run to cool down again. If your heart is beating fast, you’re burning fat.

    Now, I’m usually the only girl in the gym – but we’re women in Tech, right, so we’re used to that? The guys in the gym ignored me at first, but now they’re reasonably polite and they will help if I get stuck trying to fix on weights for example.

    I do some of the programs on and I have to say, after 7 years of trying to get a waist (I’m an apple rather than a pear), I’ve managed to knock off four inches off my waist in six months. And I’ve kept it off. I’ll never be a ripped bodybuilder since, as women, we apparently don’t produce enough testosterone to do that by ourselves without serious chemicals (which I do *not* recommend) but I’m working really hard to try and turn the fat into muscle.
    I haven’t actually lost weight, I’ve just turned my fat into muscle. I’m not back where I used to be, and I’ve reached a plateau so I’m trying to up my protein and reduce carbs to kick-start me again. I do lunges and squats and deadlifts, legpresses, lat-pull downs, flies, armcurls, the lot. I’m not doing big weights, but enough to make a difference – it’s more about technique than lifting heavy things. For example, I do ab crunches with a 2kg weight between my feet. It’s not much but it hurts like hell, and I start to see results.

    It probably sounds totally weird but, for some reason, it’s working for me. Everybody is different and maybe the cardio stuff works for you, but maybe you’re like me and the cardio doesn’t work for you. I’m no expert but if you have any thoughts/questions, you know where to find me 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me commenting but I thought it might help. I wish someone had told me years ago 😦

    I hope that gives you something to mull over, and let me know how it goes.
    Jen (Stirrup)


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