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Day 3 – no soda

June 14, 2012

I’m mostly doing okay. I get the occasional twinge when I pass the soda machine, or if someone cracks open a cold one near me, but otherwise okay.

I made myself a mental bet that I could get through the week without soda.  If I lose, the punishment is: no Food Christmas. You can bet that’s helped bigtime.

What has also helped is focusing on all the great drinks I still have access to: coffee, tea, kombucha, wine, mint-lemon water (we make this at home), and as of yesterday, orange-rosemary water (also at home; this combination was Kiddo’s idea).

Still walking/running every morning, and a short walk midday (for my one cappuccino). This morning, after yesterday’s reminder that weight lifting is what really peels off the pounds (thank, Jen!), I did just a few minutes of lifting and crunches. I find I really don’t want to, so committing to just a few minutes a day is all I’m going to expect of myself for now.

Onward….less than 40 hours till Food Christmas!!

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