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Invitation to #GetHawt Game On! – Team up, lose weight, talk smack

June 26, 2012

I’ve had enough interest from the GetHawt Summer 2012 blog post to go ahead and make the formal invitation: I want YOU to team up, lose weight, and talk a whole lot of smack.

I’m in. What do I do?

  1. Email me.Tell me who else you’re roping in you convinced to play, who you’d like to be on your team (teams should be 2-4 people), or if you don’t have anyone to team up with yet…we’ll partner you with somebody(s)!  Be sure to include in your email any exceptions you want to make to the rules.
  2. Put in your $25 buy in to my PayPal account (email: Don’t worry, I’m accountable. Winners WILL get every red cent of their money, including my $25 buy-in.
  3. I’ll send you the link to the points spreadsheet; you’ll use this to honestly track your points and progress each week
  4. Profit.  In the losing of unwanted weight, and adding of awesomness to your life.

The optional steps:

  • Optional: Buy the Game On! diet book. Read it. Get very, very excited.
  • Optional: Attend one of the Google+ hangouts this week to get questions answered and suchlike. If you don’t have a working mic, don’t worry…you can use the chat feature.
    1. First hangout today, Tuesday June 26 at 12pm CST. You’re looking for the Jennifer McCown on Google+ with my pic, and as the email.
    2. Second hangout Friday June 29 at 12pm CST.
    3. Alternately, come to the preshow of DBAs@Midnight Friday night at 10:30pm CST, and we’ll talk then, too.

Great, but what IS the Game On! competition?

It’s what I said: team up, lose weight, talk smack. Oh, and win the pot. You make teams of 2-4 people (we can help with that), follow a set of guidelines, track your points HONESTLY (I’m providing a Google Docs spreadsheet), and generally get more fit.  We’re going by Game On! rules (see below), but we can make exceptions if THE ENTIRE POOL OF PLAYERS agrees to them before we begin. Once we’ve started, you’re stuck following the rules or losing points.

What was that about money? Well, with a $25 buy in, 2 teams of 2 people would win one team $50 apiece. I currently have something like 6-8 people interested, which would mean anywhere from $50 (for 2 teams of 4) to $100 per person (4 teams of 2).

Da Rules, summarized

  • Object: To get the most points.
  • Setup:
    • Form 2+ teams (unequal sizes are okay), each with 1 person as scorekeeper.
    • Buy in – $25 isn’t much, but it’ll still hurt a little to lose. And really, it’s the COMPETITION that’s the key here.
    • Start date: Monday, July 2. (End date is 4 weeks out, July 29.)
    • Each player keeps score on a score sheet; point tallies are sent to the team score keeper weekly. This will include a weekly weigh-in on the same day (say, every Saturday morning, or whatever).
  • Keeping score (all exceptions must be agreed on before starting). A perfect day is 100 points:
    • 30 meal points: 6 points per meal for 5 fully sanctioned meals. No snacks between meals.
    • 20 exercise points: Some form of exercise for 20 minutes a day.
    • 10 water points: Drink 3 liters of water a day.
    • 15 sleep points: At least 7 hours of sleep nightly.
    • 20 transformation points: 10 points/day for one healthy new habit, and 10 for eliminating 1 old habit.
    • 5 communication points: Be in contact with at least 1 teammate and at least 1 opponent each day (phone, email, text, and twitter count).
  • Exceptions:
    • Each week, each player gets one meal off.
    • Each week, each player gets one day off, at any time during the week. No saving from one week to the next. The day off is a day off from all the rules, and can be spread throughout the week (e.g., food break monday, water break Wednesday, etc.)
    • You ALSO get to eat 100 calories of anything you want, every single day.
  • Bonuses:
    • 10 point bonus each week for turning your scores in on time.
    • 20% bonus for losing 1% of your body weight. (Or equivalent fitness goal, for the non-weightloss people.)
  • Penalties:
    • 10 point snack penalty
    • 20 point collusion penalty (like agreeing with another player to cheat and cover it up)
    • 25 point per portion alcohol penalty
  • Winning: Scorekeeper totals points for the week, then divides by # players in team.   (e.g., 2370 points for Team A / 3 players = 790 average for the week).  At the end of four weeks, each team’s total is posted. No, we don’t have to post your actual weight anywhere.

Participants must be IN the SQL community, or must be friends with a member of the SQL community. Random strangers on the internet – no offense, but this isn’t a public invitation.

Time to get started. Go back up to the top of the post, and start with step 1 NOW.




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