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My #GetHawt Competition exceptions

June 30, 2012

According to the rules we’ve laid out, I have to lay out any exceptions to the rules before we start. Everyone playing will look this over and dispute anything they think is unfair.

My Exceptions

  • Diet:
    • I won’t be following the Game On! diet, because I’m already on the Slow-Carb Diet. I pledge to follow all the rules of the Slow-Carb Diet (and that means giving up the sugar in my coffee, waaah).
    • This also means I won’t have an alcohol penalty for red wine during the week – it’s allowed on my diet. HOWEVER, soda’s not (it’s not allowed on either diet, but there’s no major penalty in Game On!), so I will make the alcohol penalty a Soda Penalty for me.
    • This also means I don’t get a meal off per week, just the day off per week. (I can use my Game On! 100 calories per day on peanut butter, which is allowed in limited quantities in Slow-Carb.)
  • I think I’m good with everthing else – 20 minutes exercise / day, sleep, water, good/bad habits, etc.

My Good and Bad Habit Choices

I also need to announce my new good habit, and the bad habit I’m going to give up for the duration of the competition. I lose points if I don’t keep up with these, and there’s a 50 point penalty if I decide to change my good or bad habit mid-competition.

  • My new good habit: Being conscientious about nonw0rk projects. I put off my own projects bigtime, because they loom large in my mind and I get intimidated. No more. In the month of July, I will spend at least 30 minutes a day working on TribalSQL (and once that’s done, whatever other project is on hand, or videos for
  • The bad habit that’s gotta go: Mindlessly surfing the internet. Specifics:
    • I burn a TON of time doing this, so I can now ONLY check my webcomics, fun blogs, Reddit, and the like on my cell phone WHILE I’M WALKING. That’ll limit the time I spend doing it, and get me up off my butt. (“Hon, I’m going for a walk, I want to read The Bloggess.”)
    • This means that I can get on Twitter to make announcements and ask questions, but I can’t keep it open on my desktop throughout the day.
    • I can also open up my blog in order to write a specific blog or take notes, but I can’t keep checking my stats (yeah, I do that sometimes) or fiddle with widgets for an hour.

Did I miss anything?

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