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Week 1 Teams and Marching Orders – #GetHawt-Game On Competition

July 2, 2012

Dudes¹. Dudes. DUUUUUUDES! It’s time. Game on.

Here are your teams

We’ve already had some talk of shuffling and swapping, so tune in again Tuesday or Wednesday for the final teams.

Team TWSS:

Team Frappuccino Enema:

Team AWESOME (Because, Well, They Are):


Team Dark Horse aka The Dark Horses (partial participation, can’t win the $ prize):

Note:  If any teams want to swap around, work it out amongst yourselves and let me know by the end of this Monday or Tuesday, mm’kay?

Here are your marching orders for this week

  • Pick a team name, seriously.
  • Pick a team captain. S/he will be in charge of collecting and reporting scores for the week.
  • Download a copy of the Game On Template – this is your score sheet for the week.  Weigh yourself by end of day Monday, and record it in the sheet.
  • Kick major diet and fitness ASS. Communicate with teammates and frenemies. Talk ungodly amounts of smack.
  • Weigh yourself by end of day Sunday, record it on your sheet. Turn in the completed score sheet² by end of day Monday July 9 to earn your bonus points.

Here is me, no longer speaking as the game coordinator

As of today, I’m not fighting my fat butt. As of today, I’m fighting YOU guys.

You’re going DOWN³.

You’re gonna eat a donut. I can see it now. You’re gonna slack off on your exercise. You’re going to justify late night snacks. Oh, yes you will. Me? I’m going to do my 20 minute workout each day, and then do another one. I’m going to follow the diet like I’m stuck in a prison cafeteria. I’m going to drink water like soda was never invented. I’m going to sleep LIKE A BIG POT OF MONEY DEPENDS ON IT. Which it does.

Yeah, you’re all going down.


P.S. Here is a great NerdFitness article about body fat. Thanks to Christina Leo for the link!


¹ “Dudes” is inclusive of both dudes and dudettes.
² You don’t have to share your weight, if you’re that sensitive. You can just share % weigh loss. Example: I start at 160. If I lose 2#, then 2 / 160 = 0.0125, meaning 1.25% body weight lost.
³ Not really. I actually want you to do really well. In fact, I want you to do SO well, you rub MY face in it when you win. The smack talk is just another motivation. (P.S. I’m gonna win.)
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  1. July 2, 2012 3:10 am

    Ok, good habit is to take my vitamins every day., in the morning before work. At the moment that means 3 alive pills. I might at some point alter that to take three pills through the day at specific time ranged. But for now three pills before I leave for work, or on the weekends before noon.

    Bad habbit is no reddit at work.


    • July 2, 2012 3:13 am

      Attaboy. Your bad habit is suspiciously similar to mine. Weird… *smileyface*


  1. Health Data | Jen's Blog: We Owls

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