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More thoughts on weightloss

July 18, 2012 is an excellent free tool for nutrition and diet and exercise. Today I got to looking at the weekly summary reports (see last week’s on the right) for the last few weeks, to see how I’m doing and what improvements I can make.

In week 1 of the GetHawt Game On competition, my stats were:

  • 1,312 calories over budget
  • fat 38% carb 36% prot 26%
  • 0.6# down
  • 1,038 calories in exercises

In week 2:

  • 1,040 UNDER budget
  • fat 34% carb 38% prot 28%
  • 4# down*
  • 384 calories in exercises (though it looks like I didn’t record 2 days’ worth…)

So for week three, here are my focus points:

  • Stay 1,500 under budget (that’s -250/day for 6 days)
  • Keep fat and carb about the same, while upping the percentage of protein by 2%-ish.
  • Lose 2#
  • Acheive 1,000 calories in exercises. I’m behind, so that means 200 calories of exercise/day for the next 4 days.

Edit: In week 3 (and after this blog went up), I shifted some priorities around and eneded up like this:

  • 317 calories under budget
  • Lowered fat and protein a bit, raised carb a bit
  • Hit 948 calories in exercises…close!

Knowledge is power! I hope!


* That week 2 4# loss is tricky…some of that had to’ve been “under the covers” weight loss from week 1. I was most likely retaining water from week 1, and the w1 exercises contributed, I’m sure, to the “sudden” weight loss.

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