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Week 2 Results – #GetHawt Game On!

July 18, 2012

I already announced this on Twitter, but here’s the official record for week 2:

Dark Horse team members didn’t all report in, but the ones who did made up a team average of 562, over 100 points better than last week! Niiiice…

Team Awesome also didn’t all get their scores in, but the two-person average is 593.20. I hear that Team Awesome is having some hella hard times with health and other issues, so we continue to be encouraging: HANG IN THERE, KIDS!! WE ❤ YOU!

Dropping to third place is the Week 1 winner Frappuccino Enema, with 739.47 points! It’s clearly still anybody’s game…

Team TWSS jumps to second place with 758.8 points and an eye on perfect score days.

Which means that this week’s winner is Team Lazy Writer, with a whopping 832 points! That’s a new game record, kids…the score to beat.

Gotta Have my Pops Chocolate…

Today I got special dispensation from a competitor on Twitter…I had forsworn the “free daily 100 calories” rule that says you can have 100cal of anything you want. Now, in week 3, I’m getting superstrict, and I find I really want that 100 calories. So as of today, I’ve got my 5/8oz of dark chocolate chips, and I’m gleefully doling them out through the day. CHOCOLATE RULES!!!

Let’s talk about me…

As for me? This week, my goal is one perfect day after another. I nearly ruined yesterday with an accidental non-sanctioned food (I’m not allowed peanut butterunless it’s natural, nothing added but salt), but the spoon never actually hit the Skippy. Why? I realized it at the last second, and thought….”But it’ll blow my perfect score!”  My 100 is secure for Tuesday.

This is a distinct change from last week,when I couldn’t help it – the flu won’t let you eat a protein, carb and veg at every meal, oh no it won’t. So the points dipped down. Take heart from my shining example, O my competitors, and take it one day at a time.

Actually, I take it back. Go get an extra-large iced mocha and a dozen donuts…I’ve got a contest I wanna win!

Jen, who is 8# lighter than April 2012 Jen

P.S. Here’s my weight chart for the last year. Yes, I gained 15 pounds in a year, for no particular reason. See why I need this game? –>

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