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Food: Normal can’t be normal again

July 25, 2012

Clearly, I can’t eat like I did at 16, or even at 26. I quite frankly shouldn’t have been eating the way I did at 16/26, anyway. (Who the hell eats a coke, a candy bar and a bag of Cheetos for lunch every day, I ask you?)  So having gone through various experimentations to see what works and where my weaknesses are, what will “normal” eating look like, once the remaining extra weight is gone? I think I’m probably going to have to stick with “checklist eating” for quite a long time.

Sean talks about an internal switch he can turn on and off…when it’s off, he can eat strictly, by a healthy diet, and ignore all the chips, cheese, and ice cream in the world. But when it’s on – say, for a cheat meal or a cheat day – he has no discipline. I’m the exact same way, now that I’ve better developed the “off” position for the switch. On cheat days, I think “I’ll just have a bowl of cereal in the morning, a decent meal or two, and a dessert at night”. And then I proceed to do that, plus about 1,500 calories more of random snacking and overindulgence.

After the diet, the switch has to stay off most of the time, or I’ll very easily slip back into careless eating. Careless eating gained me 15 pounds in a year. 15 pounds in a year. It may not sound like much to some of you, but it’s the beginning of a quick slope to obesity for me, trust me.

So what’s the healthy eating checklist look like?  For me, it’ll have to be something like “only this set of foods, under this amount of calories, only one treat a day, and make sure you get 4 veggies daily”…I’m particularly bad about veggies, even though I like them. I like cheese and bread far more, and they’re filling.

And I want to write about all of this. I realize that the world doesn’t necessarily need one more damn diet book, but…part of the reason there are so many diet books is, there are so many ways to talk about it. The last half dozen a person reads may not speak to them, but maybe the next one will. Maybe.


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