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Join us for a Game On! competition in August (#gethawt)

July 26, 2012

Hey guys, we’re near the end of a very successful Game On competition. I dropped a pants size, one of our guys quit smoking, another is focusing on her health despite some serious setbacks…and what’s more, it’s been all kinds of fun.  We’ve done so well, we want to do it again.

What do you do for the contest? Simply: put in your $25, team up, earn points with diet / water / other healthy habits, win money and lose weight!

The new game starts August 6.  Check out a few more details in my Game On quick reference blog, or get the Game On! book yourself.

How to Join In (deadline August 5)

To sign up as a full participant with a chance at winning the pot, submit your $25 to my PayPal account .  If you want to play as a Dark Horse (without the $25, and without the chance at the pot), just email me.   Either way, I’ll give you the link to the signup sheet.

Happy days,


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