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Another day in busy September

September 24, 2012

This weekend my mom wants the boys, and Sean and I went to SQL Saturday in Denver. Unusually, we were there for both the speaker dinner beforehand, and the party afterward. Between the great swag, the great sessions, and a great time at parties, it was a really good weekend.

I almost forgot to mention, I brought the card game cards against humanity to play at the after party. It was a wild success, and we had eight people around the table playing for over an hour. Coincidentally, Jason and Sarah up in Kalamazoo also brought cards against humanity to their conference that day.

And we get back home to a clean house, and she was very happy boys. Nice.

Last night I got to continue reading Peter Pan to the boys at bedtime. We got to the part where Peter teaches the children to fly, and they all fly out of the house just in time to miss Mr. and Mrs. darling. Eric was just as enraptured with the scene as I was when I first read it, and it filled up my heart.

Before I left for Denver, I went by half-price books, a used bookstore chain here in Texas. They had big boxes of books out front for $10 apiece, with 30 or 40 paperbacks in them. I saw one box that was full of Stephen King and Ray Bradbury and other science fiction and horror authors, and I nabbed it. So this weekend I read the novel, well it’s actually a novella, that inspired the movie hell raiser, and most of the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.

And tomorrow I have a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, and a meeting with a potential client. Damn, what a great day.

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