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Seattle wedding trip

October 6, 2012

Yesterday Sean, I, and the boys set off around 10 AM to catch a flight from Love Field To Seattle, via Kansas City. The day before Ben had had a bad fever, so we were very pleasantly surprised to find that he was perfectly well all of Friday.

The boys were mostly good, I’d say about 90% good, but they got bored easily and when they get bored they get annoying, As only a seven and a four-year-old can. One great thing came out of the say though, is Eric’s new catchphrase….he said we won the airplane jackpot.

We made it to Seattle about 4:30 PM ( 6:30 PM our personal clock time). Rented a car, drove to Redmond, got our hotel, walked to the group dinner to meet up with her our friends and the wedding party.

We had a good time, and again the boys were mostly good. But they were crashing, so Cami Drove us back to our hotel.

Sean and I both woke up around 3 AM, and neither one of us to get back to sleep. There’s really only so many things you can do at three in the morning when you’re sharing a room with others. And no, what you’re thinking isn’t one of those options. I worked out and showered and walked around the lobby, he watched movies on his phone. The time finally crept around to the point where the city started waking up.

We all got dressed and walked to Starbucks, the only thing open at 6:30 in the morning. Then we walked to top pot doughnuts at seven, and a truly glorious time was had by all.

In short, nice morning. We won the donut jackpot!


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