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A Nerd and a Geek Marry…

October 7, 2012

We were told to meet up at the Pike entrance to the Seattle convention center, wearing jackets and comfy shoes. The surprise was, Nic and Cami taking us all on a Duck boat tour! The kids were all thrilled, especially when the captain handed out quacker noisemakers. I handed out earplugs, which thrilled the adults. (I wasn’t expecting the noise, I just always carry earplugs.)

The captain was energetic and funny, and had a set of great music queued up, starting with Hit the Road, Jack. How can you beat that? Someone does need to tell me, though, why we all had to say UFF DA! at every Starbucks.

We went through the town and into the lake. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is today.

Then the captain stopped, midlake, and said, “this looks like a great place to get married!” And so I walked up front to conduct a surprise, on-the-lake wedding in front of twenty guests. I had my say, Nic and Cami had theirs, there were rings and kisses, applause and wonderful music. “Oh life would be a dream…”

We were piloted, then driven, back to our point of origin with hugs and music and shouts and quacks (and a rubber chicken and plungers and plastic bones and knives….)

And here we all come, converging on the hall among the trees to eat and dance. Happy day, guys.

Images to remember:

  • two pairs of shoes bearing the Union Jack
  • Nic’s son dong his best to fall overboard during the vows
  • autumn leaves everywhere
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