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New Root Beer Roundup!

November 6, 2012

We’re up in Seattle this week – ostensibly for a technical conference, but also largely to see our good friends NIc and Cami – and we were presented (by selfsame friends) with a big bag of root beers. There’s a shop up here that sells nothing but root beers, and they visited it for us. Today we look at three of these little bottled marvels.


First up is Cooper’s Cave Ale Company (Ltd.). Their root beer hgad a slight carmelness to it. Good, but the tiniest bit weak. It wasn’t a bad root beer at all. (We’ll let you know if we EVER hit a truly bad root beer.)

The Towne Club root beer was “very root beery”, almost like the old barrel root beer candy. It’s got some anise overtones. We like this one…don’t let the plain bottle fool you.

Finally, Dougie (the modern dog) butterscotch root beer! Sean’s not a huge fan of butterscotch candy, but he liked this root beer just fine. The butterscotch isn’t exactly subtle, but it’s not at all overplayed. This is still a rootbeer with a butterscotch flavor, instead of the other way around. Very yummy!

More to come…

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