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Ben’s Take on Things

November 21, 2012

There’s a radio station here (KISS FM, deejay is Kidd Kraddick) that does a very cool annual charity thing called Kidd’s Kids. They take a bunch of disabled and terminally ill kids to Disneyland with their families, to have an awesome time. You hear a lot on the radio about the fundraising, and the contributors, and then about the trip itself. They play clips from the kids and their siblings and parents from the trip, and it can get pretty damn tearjerky.

Sean listens to that station a lot, and the boys ride with him to school in the morning. He must have explained it to them. Benny woke this morning – we’d both spent the night on the couch, me for my cough and him just because – and immediately started telling me very matter-of-factly about the Kidd’s Kids trip.

"There’s this thing on the radio Daddy listens to, and they take a bunch of sick kids and dead kids to Disneyland."
"That’s not quite right, honey. They take sick kids and dying kids, and their families, to Disneyland. So they can have fun."

He didn’t seem at all perturbed at the idea of taking dead kids to a theme park. I’m guessing he just hadn’t followed that thought through, but even so, what must a four year old think of such a deranged world?

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