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Scott Pilgrim and Snake Charmer go to Mars

January 7, 2013

[My boys are currently 7 and 5, and for a long time they’ve liked me to make up stories at bedtime. It’s a nice break from the books they have, and better still, they’re always the stars. We don’t do it every night – in fact, it’s been quite a while since we’ve made one up – but tonight when it was time to write, this is what came to mind.

Oh yes, and each time we tell a story, the guys pick their own names. And the story always ends with something delicious.]


Once upon a time there were two boys who were brothers, and their names were Scott Pilgrim and Snake Charmer. Scott and Snake liked to cook, and they liked to fight, and they VERY much liked robots. So they decided to move to Mars and set up a restaurant for the robot mechanics, and fight invading alien monsters in their spare time.

Their restaurant was very good. They created their own recipes, and also cooked food like spaghetti and meatballs. Their dessert menu was particularly inspired, making use of chocolate and ice cream and all manner of baked goods and other good things. The mechanics who ate there sometimes brought in little robots they were working on to show the brothers, and the brothers learned enough about robot making to build their own. In this way, they were able to expand their restaurant, using robot waiters and robot dishwashers and robot janitors.

One day, a horde of invading alien monsters called Lavasharks attacked the town that the boys lived in.  Scott and Snake woke up in their apartment above the restaurant when they heard the noise of crashing building and roaring Lavasharks. The boys grabbed two special robots they had been making. These robots were actually, in fact, special fighting suits. Scott’s suit let him fly and shoot lasers, and Snake’s suit let him slide along the ground very fast and shoot venemous acid, like a snake.

The two robot-wearing brothers fought the Lavasharks long and hard, using their best kung fu moves and the special abilities of their suits. They crashed Lavasharks into each other, spit and fought and shot until there were none left. Everyone in the town cheered the boys, shouting “Scott and Snake! Scott and Snake!”  And the boys bowed low, and went back home to the apartment above the restaurant. Later that day, they held a party for the whole town, and served the best ice cream sandwitches ever had on Mars.

The end.

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  1. January 7, 2013 10:54 pm

    Hahaha! Bravo, maestro!

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