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Fenced Garden Project

January 12, 2013

It’s January, which in Texas is practically spring! We’re looking at the gardens and the seed catalogs, and planning the year. This year, I have a big wanty-want to fix up the near garden – which is currently just a ground level edging with some asparagus inside.

I’d like to fence of a bigger area (15-20′ square) with picket fencing, line the inside of the fence with narrow raised garden boxes, improve the ground level plot, and gravel the walkways.

So, here are my notes so far. I’ll add to them, continuously revealing my ignorance of gardening, landscaping, fencing, and much much more! If you have notes/thoughts, or know of stuff I missed, definitely let me know. Recommend stuff. All that.

Steps, I think:

1. Measure and mark the area.
2. Clear ivy, brush, tree.
3. Move all containers and crap.
4. Remove/replace edging.
5. Enrich existing dirt (center garden).
6. Lay down tarp for walkways.
7. Edge around fence line.
8. Walkup: remove bricks, repave.
9. Put in fence and gate.
10. Line the fence with narrow planter boxes, fill and plant.
11. Gravel walkways.
12. Add hanging pots (as needed); add seats.


UPDATE: February now, and we’ve taken more time to think. We’ve revised the outline of the garden…instead of a plot in the middle, we’re planting a peach tree, and putting a table and chairs round it. We’re also thinking of (eventually) extending the garden all the way down the side of the lawn, making this the first in a segment of awesome backyard updates. Anyway, here’s my planning for the fence:

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  1. January 26, 2013 2:39 am

    I look forward to watching the progress via your blog! 🙂

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