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Eric’s sick day

April 4, 2013

Three days ago Eric came down with a mild fever at school, so I got him early. The fever got worse, so he stayed home with me Tuesday and was very quiet and headachy all day. He played Plants vs. Zombies on my phone, nearly all day.

Yesterday I kept him home again (schools like kids to be fever free for 24 hours before they come back). He’s 8 years old, which means when he’s feeling well he has a lot of energy, and he often channels it into annoying people. But he was a complete doll yesterday.

I had to spend quite a lot of the day working (at home, on my own projects), so he sat next to me and drew pictures of items from the PvZ game, and gifted them to me.

He’s my guy. He was my first baby (I got Lisette in her early toddlerhood). I love those gifts of art, the work he puts into a background, those moments with his sketch book (thanks Julie!) when he says “Don’t look yet, Mom. Are you looking? Don’t look yet!” I love his big eyes, and his small, proud smile.

Damn, I love these kids. That is all.


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