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The Trembling Surprise

May 17, 2013

by Eric McCown

In a vampire city in japan they were all relaxing in their homes when the radio said an earthquacke is going to srike the city in ten minutes. Ten minutes came, an earthquacke that measured 8.10! Buldings collapsed, highways, pipes, and piplines are destroyed!!! Churches fell on the road. Clocks on clocktowers break, really big buildings tip over on anthor hours, all the vampires ran fast, some of them screaming! There was 88,000 vampires dead. An earthquacke on the beach caused a tsunami! Three vampires drowned, 5 died in a whirlpool, 1 got stung by a jellyfish, 5 boats were forced under water! A volcano erupted 20 minutes later, the lava destroyed everything in it’s path. The lava destroyed 32 houses!and 24 buildings! “Japan is DOOMED!!!” yelled a vampire child. After the earthquacke all the buildings destroyed! 1 vampire was left, he was hurt badly. He died!

The end

This is the best story in the history of the freaking world. -ed.

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