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Getting things done, I hope: Ten Things

August 10, 2013

It’s not that my life is unsatisfactory, because it’s so, so not. It’s that I’m slightly neurotic, or something, and deeply undisciplined (which bothers my neurotic self).

In an effort to address this wobbly state of affairs yet again, I’ve decided on yet another strategy for tackling stuff: Ten Things.

I have to do ten things every day. It doesn’t matter specifically which ten things I do, as long as they’re in a big category. One way to describe this category is “things I really need to get done but don’t particularly want to”. Or, “the detritus of my life that’s shuffled under the couch because of perpetual procrastination”. Or, “things that are not work, family time, normal daily chores, or entertainment of self”.  What’s a word that means all that? I don’t know, so I’m calling it my Ten Things list.

There are most likely HUNDREDS of things on my Ten Things list, and the damn thing is ever-replenishing. Imagine I ever got done with all the Ten Things on the list…well guess what? Shit like taxes and stuff breaking around the house and errands and contacting the school and arranging stuff for the next show or session or doctor’s appointment or whatever…ALWAYS COMES AROUND AGAIN. So really, no worry on running short of Ten Things.

So far, here are the things done for my Ten Things list:

  1. Blogged on MidnightDBA (for Monday)
  2. Got new cable boxes
  3. Did my cardio (swimming at the gym)
  4. Put in a ticket with the home warranty company about the leaky hot water heater

This blog doesn’t count, because it’s really self-entertainment (of a sort). I just know this, because it’s my Ten Things list. You have your own, I’m sure.

So. Four down, six to go. Let’s see if I can keep THIS up for any length of time.

BTW, I just ran across this Oatmeal series that describes me better than anything I’ve ever seen. Except for the running part.

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