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One for the home team

October 4, 2013

Parents screw up. Sometimes we get it right.

Last night my mother-in-law came home after a long visit with her sister, and gave the boys a small gift: a slip-n-slide. The boys were really excited about it. I wasn’t…I didn’t feel like setting the thing up and monitoring them in the front yard (the back is too messed up right now). Long days, busy days, short nights. You know the drill.

I shut up, rearranged my expression away from “irritated” before they could see, and while they ran off to grab their swimsuits I set the thing up.

They played for an hour before bedtime. They were supremely happy. They got along. They made up their own rules, and they showed off, and it was great. I sat on the front porch and watched and talked with Lisette, and served them PB&J on the steps when bedtime started to approach. It was a gorgeous evening.

Every so often, we really get it right.

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