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Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t

October 29, 2013

Inspired by Scalzi.

  1. Been born under the midnight sun. Nearly. And on Harpo Marx‘s birthday, no less.
  2. As a result, had an up close encounter with a wild moose.
  3. Nearly drowned in Hawaii.
  4. Fired an AK-7 (at a rifle range).
  5. Walked across the Rocky Mountains.
  6. Planned two natural births and ended up with two Cesareans*.
  7. Ate escargot in Paris.
  8. Saw Noises Off in London.
  9. Played the part of a chorus member in a 3 hour Greek tragedy with no intermissions. (We chorus members were onstage all 3 hours, minus 5 minutes at the start.)
  10. Co hosted a weekly web show for 5 years straight.

*Doesn’t matter; had healthy babies.

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