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Keep Going

November 14, 2013

Let’s assume for the moment that we all have our emotional baggage, yeah? That baggage came from somewhere, and today I won’t ask you specifics about yours, and I won’t post specifics about mine.

But, someone recently suggested that I have forgotten the wrongs of the past, and the time I spent in misery about them. I want to remember more or less what it is I said in return, because it’s a great big wad of truth.

I have never forgotten who I am, where I came from, or what happened. It would be one hell of a betrayal to myself, to my younger self, to forget any of that. What I have done is worked through most of it, which is what one is supposed to do with things like this. Some of it I’ve forgiven, and some of it I’ve just put aside because I decided it’s healthier and better to do so. I’d be happy to walk through some of the reasons why I think so, but in the end it boils down to: it’s what I think.
I’m not dumb, or naiive, or anything like that. I’m most certainly not forgetful of the pain that I’ve been through, and where it came from. Pain is the one thing my mind holds clearly and durably.  You’ve got to understand this going forward…I have achieved a big measure of success over my past. I’m not failing anything about this. I’m demonstrating the win.
It’s one hell of a moment to realize that you’ve moved (mostly) past something traumatic, whether it was a death, or a rejection, or something else entirely.  I know you’ve all got your baggage. If you’re still going through it, keep going. It really can get better.
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