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Musical playthings

December 3, 2013

I was just listening to the Gotye playlist on Youtube, when the “Making of Eyes Wide Open” documentary rolled around. The first thing on there is about De Backer (Gotye) traveling and finding the Musical Fence installation, and how he ended up using samples he took for the song’s base.

I’ve been seeing more art and playground installations the last several years devoted to acoustics, including a lovely open air place across from our hotel in Redmond WA a year ago or so. This little play area was fantastic for entertaining the boys.

So that got me thinking. I’m building a tree house/fort in our backyard, without the final design in mind. I’ve been intending to add on things as they seem to fit – maybe a slide, a cargo net for climbing, etc. An acoustic area would be grand.

I can’t find a whole lot online about this (go ahead, try “playground acoustics” and the like), and of course I intend to experiment with different materials – I’ll probably take some cues from Blue Man Group and put together a primitive PVC pipe organ (seen here behind the guys), and so on.

But I wanted to ask you. Got any ideas? Done anything like this?


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