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My boy

December 18, 2013

My little guy is 6 years old now, and his first semester of kindergarten has gone from bad to worse. He’s getting into trouble every day now, getting sent to the office every day – a kindergartener getting sent to the office every day! I seriously don’t know whether it’s his behavior, or a new program of “frack it, he misbehaved again, send him off right away”.  He’s been ignoring teachers, manhandling classmates, and rolling around during circle time for weeks and weeks now.

Problem is, there were other problems. He had that kid bullying him his first year of school (2 years ago), and no one knew or did anything about it, for weeks. My 3 year old was getting punched daily by a 4 year old, and every adult in his life failed him. Christ. Then he developed a bad relationship with his French teacher this year, and we had to talk to the administration to set things on a different, better track. How much of the misbehaving at school is Ben’s fault, and how much of it is the school problems he’s had that weren’t his fault? We’ll never know for sure.

The kid’s in kindergarten. It doesn’t seem like this kind of problem is possible…meetings and emails and plans, and he’s going to the office every damn day. Especially for a kid like Ben. He’s so sweet at home. He so rarely gets angry, though that’s picking up more often. He’s so rarely outright defiant. He’s playful, he tests boundaries, but he’s really a good kid at home.

Reading books, finding shrinks, trying to devise cooperative programs with the school.

Anybody here deal with this kind of thing?


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