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Buy coffee, help build a school in Haiti

January 22, 2014

coffeeThe 11th graders at Dallas International School is hosting a great fundraiser – web-ordered coffee and t-shirts – to raise money so they can travel to Haiti and build a school. Damn, that’s smart.

Buy some coffee or a shirt at, please.  (Or, donate at Spread the word a little. Let’s all get buzzed and do some solid good.

A little commentary

One of the big problems with charity is that it’s so far removed from us. If I donate to a cause, I know that someone, somewhere, will get the money I put in, and do….something with it. Probably.  One kind of gets a “well, what’s the point?” feeling, more often than not.

But with this charity, I personally am involved with the school. I will get updates about the kids going on the trip, photos of the build. I’ll get to hear about actual lives changed for the better. That’s a rare thing, for the cost of some coffee. So, I’m in.

This project is a joint venture between DIS and Some of the students will fly down during spring break to help build the school and spend time in the community.


Story on Elijah and Hudson Rodgers and the Dallas International School are inspiring their community to build a school in Haiti

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