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Cosmos…Creationists …Crackers

March 24, 2014

StepTo, previously of Microsoft Xbox banhammer fame, tweeted this today:

He continues:

I’d like to sincerely (and I really do mean sincerely) thank Stepto for his commentary on this, and I’d like to add to it.

Get your own damn show

Get your own damn show. You want airtime? Get an idea, get a proposal, get it approved, get your stupid selves on the air.  You have the right to freedom of speech, not Freedom of Equal Airtime on Network Shows I Disagree With.  Tyson et al went through the trouble of thinking up, making, getting approved, planning and executing their own damn show.

Want to be on a show? Get your own damn show.

Do you see ANYONE ELSE in the (presumptively 6k year old) universe that just gets to waltz onto somebody else’s show / podcast / book / speech just because they disagree? That’s a big NOPE.

So again, get your own damn show. Or just keep on using the outlets currently available to you, like the rest of us.


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