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Running lazy

April 22, 2014

PantsI’m so excited about running these days, that I actually have my expectations set too high. Much in the same way that I get to thinking I’m TOTALLY hot and buff and fit, and then look in the mirror and go, “Oh right, I just FEEL that way”, this morning I got running and was surprised that it was hard. Not, like, marathon hard or anything. But hills, man!

And then I remembered what I said to myself in the first several weeks of running. “You’re not tired, your body is just lazy.”  That helps quite a lot, because it’s perfectly true. I run, and I’m used to not moving at all, so most of me is all “You should stop, we’re exhausted, we can’t run any more”.  And I do a quick evaluation and find that:

  • I’m not too out of breath
  • My heart isn’t pounding
  • Nothing actually hurts
  • I’m seriously, seriously not tired at all

And I keep on running.

And then I read this blog from The Hungry Runner Girl just now, and was startled at this very familiar sentence:

Your brain is just TELLING you that you are tired.  Your legs aren’t actually going to fall off, your silly brain just thinks that they are.  

Yep! That’s exactly it.

Also: Taking the new shoes back. After walking around the house in them, I’ve concluded they’re too small. The new pants are great, though. First pair of tight running pants, and shorts over them because stop looking at my butt.

Also also, I wrote about my current mental rules for running, but I forgot one. So the current list is:

  • Make your goal, whether it’s time or distance.
  • Don’t worry much about pace. Pace will come.
  • But, don’t walk.
  • Take a picture on every run.
  • Look at stuff. Stuff is cool.
  • Wear a hat. Always bring a key, a little money, and a couple sundries.
  • If you’re running 7 miles or more, you can have a 5-10 minute coffee break late in the run.


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