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Running Faster

May 18, 2014

Today I ran the Plano “Thrill of the Grill” 5k.  I picked it because I wanted to do a shorter race at higher speed. And also because Dean Karnazes would be there, and it’d be neat to meet someone who’d run 135 miles across Death Valley.

So I went today, and I ran a shorter race at high speed, and I met Dean Karnazes, and that was neat. That’s the short story. There isn’t really a long story, but there are highlights.


For one thing, I apparently LOVE planning and preparing the night before. This time I took a bag with me to leave in the car, and so I had that, my car drink, fruit, handheld bottle, earbuds, hat, and clothes together last night.

For another thing, I finally remembered to bring my damn inhaler. I don’t have asthma…I apparently have exercise-induced asthma. And so I got an inhaler, and forgot to take it for 6 months in a row. But today I remembered! I took a dose before the race, and it helped SO much. Now I’m not fighting with my air pipes while I’m trying to up my speed.

I did very well. I wanted to beat my best April pace of 10:37 (I’ve done better since, but on short runs), and I did. First mile I ran 9:03 (wow!), second 10:15 (already getting tired), third 10:39 (well, there was that big hill…).  But when I hit the 30 minute mark a good ~400 yards from the end, and the app said I was under 10:00, I made sure to keep up the pace. Final overall pace: 09:56.  09:56!! That’s better than I thought, better than I wanted to let myself hope. Awesome.


I had no one with me to get bored, so I stuck around for the awards ceremony. They have top 3 overall winners for men and women, and then winners within age groups. It was cool enough seeing the overall winners (so. very. skinny.), and the kids, and especially the really old folks come up and get their medals. It was doubly cool when the announcer started handing out gift cards to the youngest runner (age 5), the person who’d lost the most weight in the last year (over 50#), and a cancer survivor. I got some dirt or something in both my eyes at that point…

Anyway. Good race, good day.


Next goal I’m excited about is running TO somewhere. It’s 13.1 miles to downtown Dallas from here. It’s 18 miles to my mother’s house.

This is gonna be cool.

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