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We went to France (#DBAsAtFrance)

June 7, 2014

We went to France, not to cram thousands of years of history into six days of snapping pictures from car windows, but to live here as if we lived here. You know, more or less.

Nearly everything so far has been under the Getting Here, and Recovering From Getting Here, categories of life and travel. No problem getting ready and gone Friday, and then we had 2.5 hours to wait at the airport. Dinner layover in Atlanta, then 8 hours over the ocean. The kids were GREAT, and I continue to thank my stars for the invention and wide-spreadedness of battery powered screen entertainments. Double, triple, and quadruple points to my Kindle Fire, which still has free space and a half full battery even with 30 movies, a couple dozen books, and 6 hours of continuous use.

Gettting out of CDG aiport – sorry Aeroport – wasn’t bad, nor was getting the rental car or getting to our tonight-only, recovery hotel. I’ve now been for a walk, hunted-gathered a large pizza, and slept 4 hours. (The boys haven’t, but Lisette is still down.) My body has no idea whatever what time it is – local 10pm, home 3pm, for the record – but it also doesn’t give much of a shit about that, so we’re cool.

A few things to remember:

  • How comparatively easy it is to travel with the boys now, as long as we keep them mostly separated.
  • How unhappy Kiddo was to leave her friends for a month. I actually understand that one.
  • How Ben kept saying, during the first flight, “This is the life,” and smiling contentedly.
  • How the boys sat down on the floor by the luggage while we were waiting for the rental car, and started up a friendly game of Go Fish. BTW, this game is apparently “Pêche” (pesh) in French.

More as I durn well feel like it. (Friends, check Facebook or Twitter  for pix.)

-Jen, elle et au France

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