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Health not through determination, but irritation

November 21, 2014

I’m getting really tired of bad news at the dentist every single time I go in (always “one more little cavity”, “two more”). And this is even after upping my game: brushing, daily flossing, giving up sodas (for other reasons).

Well, dammit.

So now it’s time to learn to like coffee without sugar or honey. I’m already happy with unsweetened tea, hot or not. This shouldn’t be too hard*.

The running, now. That’s not an irritation thing, but it’s made me healthy as hell. I feel good, feel strong. I sleep well. (Okay, always have), and I eat better. Anxiety is under control. I’m not losing weight, but I talked somewhere before about how my body had reconstituted – firmer everything, seemingly less fat. I find I don’t care as much about losing weight, until maybe in a year or two when I get more serious about ultra/marathons. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes before I get sick again, even with a cold. It’s been nearly a year now.

To bring it all together: the dental hygienist was talking to me yesterday about running, and the gym. Just me speaking here, but: I have to FORCE myself to go to the gym. I only need the mildest of pushes to get out and run, even on a training plan. Fitness has worked out far, far better (and far longer) for me ever since I found something I love, something I obsess about.

Finally, on the Why. Simplest: I run long distances because I always wanted to, but didn’t know I wanted to, and didn’t know I could. Now I know that I want to, and I’ve proven that I can. And so, it’s the adventure, the independence, the accomplishment, the zen state, the time for audiobooks and music and my own thoughts. It’s wonderful.

That is all,

*Oh hey look, unsweet coffee is actually pretty good, if it’s pretty good coffee. That was easy.

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