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Lists of things done, lists of wins

February 12, 2015

I get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that needs doing. On those days, I try to remember to make a DONE list. Not a checklist, no. When I finish a task, I put it on the list. There: concrete evidence that I’ve accomplished things, without the added stress of all the unchecked items to do.

Similarly, it’s important to write down wins. This is good career advice, of course: keep track of your wins, so when you have to have a review, or update your resume, you have a list of things right there. (You won’t remember them otherwise.) But for personal use, a “win” list is important.  You don’t have to do it daily or weekly…just as you think of it.

It’s so easy to feel like a failure, because you Haven’t Yet Won. There is no Won. There is hardly ever, ever a Won. There is only one little-w “win” after another.

Write down your wins every so often, as they happen.


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