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May 30, 2015

So I’m going to tell you about something bloody amazing that just happened.

jenoculusWe’re at SQL Saturday in NYC, and one of the guys here has a developer version of Oculus, the virtual reality goggles. He set me up with the demonstration, which takes you on a slow ride past several screens, then puts you in a room.  You can turn your head and look all around. your brain really tells you that wall is just a couple steps away.

After several demonstrations, at the end, the door in front of you opens up onto the entire Earth. You look behind you, and you see the starfield of open space. Left, and you’re staring into the sun. I cried. It was so amazing. It was so very Ready Player One. They even had you sitting in a home game room at one point, watching a TV from a couch. THERE WERE OLD VIDEO GAME POSTERS ON THE WAY, AND A JOUST MACHINE IN THE CORNER.

This, and I remember getting our first Apple ][ back in 1986 or so. This, in my lifetime. I’m so touched I can’t even put it into words adequately.

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