Two weeks of study: horror films

I’ve never been much for horror movies. Well, I liked reading the box, back in the days when we had actual movie rental stores. But watching them was kind of a bad idea. My cousins, now, they loved horror movies. Well 3 of 4 of them did…Allie and I used to cower in the back room while the rest of them would shout “Yeah, go Freddie! Get him!”  Allie and I set some sort of record, I think, for longest time with ears plugged and eyes shut, when we all went to see Poltergeist 2. Or was it 3? The one with the creepy preacher guy.

I’m off the point, aren’t I?

I’ve seen some stuff. Liked some stuff. Refused to see other stuff. I find torture/gore horror very hard to take, and I’m not entirely certain that it’s, you know, worthwhile.  But anyway, I asked Twitter today what I should see. And now the husband and teenager and I will spend a couple weeks watching some maybe-scary movies that people think I shouldn’t have missed.  And I’ll update this blog as we go.

Tonight, 10/14: Shaun of the Dead

Now I’ve seen this before, but only once. And I didn’t remember liking it much. I liked it better this time around. It’s got excellent timing, some extremely funny bits, some touching bits, and even a few moments where I was half hiding my face. (I did mention I’m a pansy, didn’t I?)

So A for execution, but even so, I don’t think this is a film I need to see more than once every year or four. 

Tonight, 10/12: Children of the Corn

I read the short story by Stephen King. It was fairly creepy. Also, the woman in the story was an UTTER bitch. The woman in the movie is Linda Hamilton, and not really that bitchy. So that’s something of a relief.

  • This is starting out okay, though the kid acting is, ah, we’ll say stilted.
  • Yeesh, that was pretty well done with the car wreck.
  • Oh, stupid. Don’t get out of the car.
  • And suspense. More suspense. Suspeeeeeense…suspenseful music.
  • Suspense and corn. More corn. Well, it was in the title…
  • Oh yeah, let’s separate! Great idea!
  • I went and looked him up. The sneering redheaded kid (actor) grew up okay.
  • Oh, yeah, again, let’s just step into the nice paranormal activity. Nothing wrong here.
  • Aaaand, dude gets distracted when the shit’s down. *sigh* I’m all but shouting “DON’T GO IN THERE, MAN!”
  • Now Sean’s talking about how easy it is to stab children. To be clear, he does mean the psychopathic murdering children in the movie. Not just, you know, kids. I think.
  • Now we’re all yelling at the guy. Sheesh.
  • Well, this isn’t exactly turning out like the story. That’s okay.
  • Sean: “Now, corn eats you.”
  • Kiddo: “Jealous??“. Dude onscreen: “Jealous??”

Well. Okay then.

Movies I’ve Seen – an incomplete list

  • Army of Darkness – I don’t remember much about this.
  • Gremlins – I remember a little. It was pretty scary at age 12.
  • The Prestige – This was just creepy, and damn good. Mmm, David Bowie Tesla…
  • Scream – Don’t remember one damn thing about this.
  • Psycho – The original is one of my favorite movies. New one’s pretty damn good too.
  • New Shining – I don’t remember liking this, because I thought it didn’t follow the book well. I’d like to rewatch it though, see if my opinion has changed.
  • …more coming.

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