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Dear gun-toting anti-Muslim Irving guys…no, Dear Everyone

November 25, 2015

I read that you staged an armed protest in front of a Mosque.

You’re not helping.

If a group of Muslim Irving residents showed up in front of your church on Sunday to protest something, and they were carrying guns like that, you’d shit your pants, call the police, and duck-and-cover. So yes, I’m pretty sure you understand that showing up to a protest with guns is not helping.

The Dallas times has this:

Wright, who is convinced that America is due for a Paris-style attack by Muslims, also posted the addresses to his personal Facebook page, a couple hours after he wrote in another thread: “We should stop being afraid to be who we are! We like to have guns designed to kill people that pose a threat in a very efficient manner.”

A friend replied below the list: “Abide by it [the consitution] or be treated as the treasonous filth or invaders that you are.”

You’re still not helping.

One: I am ALL ABOUT you protesting anything you like, at any time. You’ve got the right, and you absolutely should, no matter how strongly anyone disagrees with you. Let’s hear it for the freedom to protest!

Two: Mixing your second amendment rights with anyone’s first amendment rights seems like a bad, bad idea. Put your guns away and stop trying to scare people.

Three: Publishing people’s home addresses on the internet is always a dick move. It’s an invitation to harass and terrify. You are, in effect, budding terrorists. Congratulations, dicks.

Four: That internet friend who will treat constitution-haters “treasonous filth or invaders” does not, I suspect, have due process and official justice in mind. Encourage your people to abide by the law, in addition to not being dicks.

Five: All of this applies, no matter what we’re talking about. Whether it’s Sharia law, or gun control, or a spelling bee, or equal rights, or a tax hike, or a new bike law, or Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter or Macy’s isn’t hiring enough redheads…I don’t care. Protest, yes. Intimidation, no. Doxing, no. Law, yes.

-An Irving Resident

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