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A parent’s midnight toast

December 24, 2015

Here’s to the nights we all but forget about once they’re past a certain age: the 1am coughing, barfing, crying, inconsolable kids that really feels the injustice of getting sick on vacation.

Here’s to webmd, for confirming we’re doing everything right.

Here’s to the place across the street that has NyQuil and vapo rub.

(No toast for the urgent care clinic that closes at 7pm and opens at 9am.)

Here’s to the other two kids who manage to sleep through the fiasco, even in the same friggin hotel room.

Here’s to the sick kid, finally installed on pillows in a dry bathtub, asleep at last.

And here’s to me, dammit. Sometimes I’m a hero, a puke-and-snot-spattered saint.

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