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March 19, 2016

Here is a post by a woman who is already concerned with the little ways that her daughter – girls in general – get treated differently from the boys. And she uses this wonderful word…this magical, amazing new word:

Here is the common thread to all of the above: Everyone meant well. Everyone thought that everything was harmless, or a joke, or something that could be explained away. I’m calling it “microbullshit.”

Microbullshit! YES!

This is exactly why I’ve also started speaking up, and in somewhat the same way. Because I still experience microbullshit. Because my kids are around it all the time.

  • People ask if I’m “keeping Sean out of trouble”. I say it’s not my job. It’s not, by the way, because he’s a grown ass man, and I am a grown ass woman, and therefore we responsible adults keep ourselves out of trouble.
  • When people ask a question or make a comment that intimates I’m not strong enough, or that a male in the vicinity should do a task, I say why? Doing work makes me stronger. Why should it always be his job?
  • I always yell at commercials featuring cleaning products – most often, paper towels (“Oops we children and husband made messes / it’s okay I the mother will clean it up!”) – and most recently, Dyson (“I am a male and I am too dumb to pick a decent cleaning product / I am a female and I have shown my smartness and competence  by purchasing and using the featured product”!)

It’s microbullshit. But it’s still bullshit, and I’m not swallowing that.


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