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Getting outdoors with the kids

April 4, 2016
A dog in a tent, backyard camping

A dog in a tent, backyard camping

Good article on Nerd Fitness, on getting outside with the kids.

I’ve been thinking about this a good deal lately. In short, we’re doing this by cultivating our own passions, and bringing them along. Sean teaches the boys Kenpo three days a week. I have them out with me two or three days a week, training to hike. (There’s a big summer hiking trip in it for the older one, and smaller ones for both of them, if they do.)

It also helps that we’re not really big on group sports and scheduled classes. I make the girl join something – I don’t care what, so long as it’s extracurricular – every year of high school. So far she’s chosen ROTC, yearbook, and…well I can’t remember the third right now. The boys take Parkour classes occasionally, and Eric asked for magic classes for his birthday. But there’s nothing else (outside of homework) that’s demanding their time.

So. Some of this is luck, and some of it is on purpose. But I’m all for chucking the kids outside.

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