Great adventure, great good

My excellent friends Nic and Cami (@SirSQL/@Nuurdygirl) are driving cross country on a motorcycle, for great adventure, and to help this guy get new lungs.

Great adventure is, I’m finding, absolutely crucial to a good life. Think of a thing, prepare for the thing, look forward to the thing, do the thing…remember the thing forever. There’s a reason they call it enriching; it makes your life more. Nic and Cami are going to have a great adventure, and they’ll be far the richer in life currency (not, you know, the monetary kind) for having done it.

Great lungs, I also find, are absolutely crucial to a good life. I have mild – very mild – exercise induced asthma, and it has affected my life significantly. Having 25% lung capacity – as Steve currently does – must be spectacularly awful.

Donate, even if it’s a little bit. Watch my friends as they cross the nation on two wheels. Take part in a great adventure, and in great good.

Then go have your own adventure.

Donate: #sqlcares

Track the adventure:

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