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Things keep changing (thoughts on learning)

July 3, 2017

Actually I keep changing. I’ll try something new, and then drop it or forget it. And try something else, and then drop it or forget it. And until a few years ago, I thought that was a kind a failure on my part.

I’m finding out is that this is actually how I learn. How I evolve. It’s not necessarily that I can’t stick within a given program, it’s that each one is the tool that I can use best at any given time.

For example: Recently I’ve been dividing my professional life into two categories, the professional, and the assistant. When I work as the assistant, I set goals and schedules for the week, I try to tell myself what to do later on. And then the professional’s job is to go and do those things, to have the big business ideas, and so on this is an outstanding tool for me. But I imagine if you come and talk to me again in 6 weeks or so, I will have stopped using the idea or forgotten about it all together. Again, in the past I would’ve thought about this as a failure. But it’s really not.

With each successive strategy or tool, I learned something new or absorb a new way of doing things. Even it’s if it’s just a slight change, I have leveled up just a little bit.

This also applies to professional skills, academic topics, hobbies, and so forth. I pick things up, I put them back down again. I never practiced trumpet when I was in band in high school, because my enthusiasm for the trumpet was fairly limited. My enthusiasm for band on the other hand, where all my friends hung out, stayed pretty steady throughout all four years of school.

When I get excited about a topic and start studying it, I know that intensity will only last a few weeks at most. I recently took a piano again and spent two weeks practicing to or three hours every day, reading music theory, and so forth. Then my attention wandered. I actually want to get back to practicing maybe three times a week, but I think I’ll have to get weekly lessons to help me stay on track. Again, I used to think this is a fault, but now I think of it as the way I conduct business.

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  1. July 3, 2017 8:33 pm

    This is relevant and good

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