Empty hospital bed. Photo by Martha Dominguez on Unsplash

How to save a life

So to start with; everything is fine, seriously.

Today I went to urgent care (and they admitted me to the emergency room instead) for chest pains I’d been having since like Sunday. I’ve had this before, but never so bad and never so LONG. It’s been getting worse instead of better. It turned out to be completely non-serious, and now I know what to do for it.

But it got me thinking. I felt kind of stupid going in in the first place, because I FIGURED it would turn out to be nothing…even though it hurt like hell, and was getting to the point where it was going to make me start crying. And I thought….this is me, deciding to go in, WITH insurance and a decent savings account.

THIS is what people mean when they talk about how poor (or no) health coverage costs LIVES. Yeah, THIS time it was nothing. But eventually I’ll have to make this decision when it’s really SOMETHING. And I’d be far, FAR less inclined to go in and risk paying hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars if I were uninsured, or living paycheck to paycheck.

The people who don’t understand this, are well out of touch with reality. I suspect sometimes they’re out of touch on purpose.

In any case, that’s all. It just got me thinking. Also, the meds they gave me to help are wonderful. With my insurance, the prescriptions were about $3 total. Privilege, man.


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