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I wanna hold your [bee-covered] hand (Beekeeping part 3)

April 17, 2018

So! One week ago, we attracted a swarm!

So then we waited a week before we could do a hive check – me going out to watch the bees come and go at every opportunity…

And then….the day came. Today. HIVE CHECKING DAY. Our first hive inspection. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT.



We got our bee suits, hive tools, smoker, fuel, lighter, hive checklist, and various and sundry other things, and went to check on the bees. Yeah.

Oh hell. I had left the lure box with just the 5 frames in, instead of filling it with all 10. So of COURSE the bees built their comb – and may I say WOW that’s a lot of comb built in one week! – so, I say, of COURSE they built comb hanging from the box lid, instead of on the frames.

Of course.

We were able to separate 2 of the fins, and strap them into empty frames, before the wind blew the lid with the honeycomb over, dumping all the bees onto the floor and providing the very real danger of having just lost/squashed the queen…and I low-key panicked. We basically put everything back in, topped the box with another hive box (WITH frames) – which is not precisely what I’d intended, but I was low-key panicking – and watched.

The bees started fanning and making their way back in, so we think the queen is fine.

Next time – next week – I will have a more clear plan, and I will not low-key panic, and all will be well. Stay tuned.

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