Worst. Revolution. EVER.

Now is the winter of the malcontents
Made ridiculous bummer by this bunch of jerks;
And all the untruths that lour’d upon our land
In the wide spaces of the skies aired.

– Richard III, William Shakespeare…..sort of

So, a bunch of white supremacists tried their hand at an ill-planned insurrection last week, and I somehow wasn’t remotely surprised.

It’s been pointed out that the people of the Cult of Tr**p aren’t likely go go away any time soon. I have, in my own turn, pointed out that when the Horrible One dies, he’ll become their martyr and supreme being (even more than he is now), and boy oh boy, is THAT going to be fun to deal with in the decades ahead.

I have seen the enemy, and they are badly, willingly misled.

‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.”

I keep thinking of the woman who sounded so upset and flabbergasted at the…wait, what have we agreed to call the events of last week? The insurrection? The attack on the Capitol? Anyway, that woman sounded completely taken aback:

White House Correspondent: Ma’am? What happened to you?
Woman who got maced [crying]: I got maced…
Correspondent: And what happened, you were trying to go inside the Capitol?
Woman: Yeaaah! I made it like a foot inside and they pushed me out and they maced me!
[Correspondent asks her name, Woman gives her first name and city.]
Correspondent: Why did you want to go in?
Woman [incredulous]: We’re storming the Capitol! It’s a revolution!

There is way, way too much to say about privilege and expectations and, well, feeling white and untouchable.

How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?

Let’s try it another way. Did you ever see a movie, or a show, where one of the side characters is just a grade-A SUPER-jackass? Like, at every single opportunity, they do the worst and most ridiculously overprivileged, I’ll-never-get-punished crap? Almost inevitably, the plot will roll on until we get to the point where SuperJackass finally comes up against consequences for their action. That’s the part of the movie or show where it feels good, because folks (American especially) don’t like bullies to win.

That. That’s what the woman sounds like. That’s what the jackasses who took part in the (attempted coup d’etat) raid sound like when they cry, “I just went in the building! I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!” Well, Mr. and Ms. Jackasses, this is what committing a Federal offense while you livestream it for money actually looks like: jail time.

The founder of Parler says he’s going to go bankrupt because no one will host his service. Well, Mr. Jackass, perhaps you should have considered that before monetizing white supremacy.

Despite everything, the parts where the people who side with Nazis hit consequences? Those are the parts that feel good.

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