Jen’s Rules For Not Joking About Shit

Okay, it sounds like it’s time for Jen’s Rules For Not Joking About Shit (because the jokes can hurt people).

TW for sensitive topics, e.g. body autonomy, assault. Also, NSFW language, clearly.

1: Don’t make fun of people for body stuff.

Even better, don’t make fun of people for things they can’t help. That includes body related stuff, disabilities, neurodivergency, and a lot more.

Example: Like, yeah, Tr*mp is fat, but that’s NOT why he’s a scumbag. Make fun of him for being a scumbag!

Your overweight (etc.) friends, family, children, and other fellow humans thank you.

2: DO NOT make jokes with gay/transgender tones.

You think Person X is “flitty”? Fuck off, we’re getting over that homophobic, heteronormative bullshit.

If a person is a shitbag, point out the ways in which they’re a shitbag. DON’T fuck around with the LGBTQ+ crowd, they’ve got enough on their plates.

3: Rape jokes aren’t funny.

Rape jokes aren’t funny. Prison rape jokes aren’t funny.

Pedophile jokes aren’t goddamn funny.

Body autonomy jokes aren’t funny. (Not sure what that means? Think, anything that involves a person’s body, where their consent is not involved. Dumb example: a comment/joke involving forcing someone to, say, get a tattoo.)

We’re FAR past joking about this shit and thinking it’s “edgy”. Nobody deserves any of that.

Horrible criminals deserve due process & punishment….not a “smirk and wink” effort to get them horribly violated. We’re trying to STOP that kind of thing, dammit.


Racial jokes – even with positive stereotypes – are just another way to casually make hate and distancing okay.

“They are not like us” is, I think, the major evil in humans. When people dehumanize kids, it’s easier to abuse them. Dehumanize other races, it’s easier to treat them like absolute garbage. Dehumanize other countries, it’s far easier to go take what’s theirs.

Put it another way: if what you’re saying signals to the KKK that you might be “cool”, you’re doing a big big big NOPE.

Just don’t shit on people

There are about 1,000 other ways to say “don’t shit on people, even tangentially, for things that are not in their control”.

We make fun of people who act badly. We prosecute jerks. We punch n*zis.

Add your own rules below, if you like. I know I didn’t even MENTION jokes about women, religion, xenophobia…

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