I made this amazing discovery about anxiety

Hands holding lights; Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

So, it turns out if you occasionally freak out, and you're always using coping mechanisms to keep your mind from spinning too fast or too much, you apparently might benefit from some anxiety treatment. It finally occurred to me that the way I live and deal with things might....not...be...entirely....optimal. So I talked to my doctor and… Continue reading I made this amazing discovery about anxiety

What I want when I die

I lost a friend today - largely an online friend, but a GOOD friend and a kind man. Rob was smart, kind, and funny. He was a force to be reckoned with online: he would answer anyone any techie question. He supported my efforts, our company, and just about everyone on the side of what… Continue reading What I want when I die

A hike in the Rockies – Day 1

Fifteen years ago, I went on a solo hike across Rocky Mountain National Park. I started at the Bear Lake trailhead, summited Flattop Mountain (only 12,000-some-odd feet altitude), and through the park on the other side. The original plan was to make a full loop to the west side, then go back along a more northerly trail,… Continue reading A hike in the Rockies – Day 1