Yankee Candles fundraiser, y’all

My daughter is a senior in high school, on the bowling team, and they're selling Yankee Candles ONLINE as their fundraiser. Like Yankee Candles? Like supporting youth bowling? Here's what you do: You SHARE this all over, because candles, y'all. People like candles. They like supporting kids. You hit up YankeeCandleFundraising.com and order some stuff with… Continue reading Yankee Candles fundraiser, y’all

Getting outdoors with the kids

Good article on Nerd Fitness, on getting outside with the kids. I've been thinking about this a good deal lately. In short, we're doing this by cultivating our own passions, and bringing them along. Sean teaches the boys Kenpo three days a week. I have them out with me two or three days a week, training… Continue reading Getting outdoors with the kids

The exotic, alien world of 90s music formats

I enjoy having kids, if for no other reason* than explaining things that happened a decade or two ago to someone who wasn't there and has no earthly idea what it was like. Yesterday I found myself telling daughter about getting They Might Be Giant's "Flood" album on CD in the early 1990s, and how cool CDs were,… Continue reading The exotic, alien world of 90s music formats

On Learning: An open letter to my children

Hey guys, I've been thinking about learning and education pretty much my whole life. First, I was subject to it. Then I chose to continue it. Now I continue learning - on purpose! - both because it helps my job, and because it interests me. I figured out early that the downside of organized schooling is that "learning" quickly becomes a swear… Continue reading On Learning: An open letter to my children